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Elstein-Werk was established in Northeim in 1950 as the only manufacturer worldwide specialized in ceramic infrared radiators. As early as in those days they employed own patents and processes to develop infrared radiators whose design and quality have determined the state of technology until today.

Based on pioneering work and the continuous development of products Elstein have been able, in the past and in the present, to discover and develop new applications of infrared engineering which combine outstanding technology with highly economical operation. Today you expect the heating system to be optimally adapted to the heating task when you are dealing with original equipment or the conversion or extension of existing plant or machines. Ceramic infrared radiators made by Elstein-Werk with their various sizes, wattages and thermal response offer you a wide variety of possibilities to solve your heating and drying tasks.

As exclusive agents in Argentina, we offer a wide variety of ceramic infrared radiators, involving 27 different models and 228 sizes. Call our technical department with your process problem and we help solving it.


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