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High temperature cartridge:

Cartridges with high charge watts. They provide a great uniform distribution of heat, and are made hermetically, which considerably increases the long life of the resistance as well as preventing the oxidation of the heather wire even at high temperatures.

Unique product for injection molds heating, also are several applications.
Molds, punches, wood marking, hot stamping, control panel dehumidification, shoes moulds, and lot more, are made from prime quality materials and undergo the strictest control for safety, complying with international standards, optional with thermocouple.

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Micro tubular heaters :

Micro tubular heaters also named micro coil, are the most suitable for heating cylinders and joints. These heaters, though of small flat section, have great heating power, distributing uniform heat at 360ºC. The heater wire is of the highest quality with a thin outer layer of magnesium oxide and enclosed in a stainless steel cover. Everything goes through a process of compression, thereby giving longer life as well as reaching an internal temperature of 950ºC. The whole micro tubular is hermetically sealed to prevent the entry of extraneous materials, moisture, fluids, etc. We recommended emphatically the element with thermocouple included for the best functioning.


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