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Ceramic Band Heaters:

Ceramic knuckle band heaters are designed to provide high performance heating at temperatures up to 760°C. This level of performance is achieved from the ceramic knuckles that provide excellent insulation and long heater life. The construction of the ceramic knuckle heater includes interlocking ceramic blocks with resistance wires threaded through holes in the ceramic. This method provides superior heat distribution across the band, resulting in an uniformly heated surface.


Cartridge Heaters:

Heater made of an outer metal tube and a Nicrone® 80/20 coil inserted through ceramic holes. The remain space is completed with electro fused high purity magnesium oxide assuring fast temperature transmission and high dielectric strength.


Mica Band Heaters:

Composed by two outer insulation micanite sheets and heating Nichrone® 80/20 strip wounded over a center Micanite sheet. This path is protected by a metal foil made of stainless steel, brass, aluminum or steel. The low design, about 4mm assure fast heat exchange through all the surface contact area.


Temperature Sensors:

- Thermocouples
- Thermostatic controls


Tubular Heaters:

The sheathed element is an almost universal solution to heat solids, liquids and gas using the Joule effect up to 800 °C. It can be used as a component of immersion heaters for fluid heating. Inserted in a reamed hole o fixed to a component, it transfers its energy by conduction or radiation. The sheathed elements can also be embedded in aluminum, brass or cast-iron. Placed in the air, it can be used to heat premises or gas, as well as fixed or moving part by radiators. Is the only solution to ensure the electric insulation at high temperature in reduced spaces.


Indicators and process controllers:

- Temperature controllers.
- Timers.
- SSR Solid State Relays.
- Digital Thermometers.
- Control panels.

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