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-Mica Band heaters
- Description
- Applications
- Construction details
- Clamping method
- Terminations
- Voltage
- Wattage density
- Ordering guide
- Accesories
- Photos / Models


General Characteristics:
Thanks to the most advanced technical solutions, to the selection of the most appropriate materials and to the severe quality control procedures, we can produce heaters that present many advantages. In particular it is worth to mention: Optimum heat conduction and uniform heat distribution
High electrical insulation
Constant Efficiency during life time
Easy installation
Great mechanical resistance to shocks and to tearing applied to the cables
Tight manufacturing tolerances
Long Operational Life

These heaters are employed in all the plastic molding machines where the operational temperature does not exceed 280 °C.

Construction details / technical data:

* Resistive winding:
made of Nickel/Chrome 80/20 DIN 17470, material n° 4869, characterized by large section and consequent low power density, executed with automatic tools which insure reproducibility and uniformity
* Electrical insulation:
made of high purity continuous mica with a very low presence of binder. The material complies to UL (94 V-O) Specification.
* Internal sheath:
made of galvanically treated steel. Thanks to its high thermal conductivity, it insures the best heat transmission to the plastification cylinder, also available in stainless steel, brass and aluminum
* External clamping sheath:
if any are made of stainless steel AISI 430 – UNI X 8 Gr 17 resistant to high temperatures. Its compressing action onto the heating band guarantees an optimum heat exchange efficiency
* Thermal sensor hole:
Holes or slots allowing the installation of thermal sensors and melt transducers Dynisco, can be realized onto the heater surface as required. Their dimensions, in any case, shall be coherent with the overall dimensions of the heater.

Clamping method:
Strap ends are standard, bar clamping and optional spring bolt clamping is available, and per request worth ears.

Electrical connection:
To connect the internal heating circuit to the power supply cable, several terminal boards have been developed. They are provided with specific metallic covers and insure optimum mechanical resistance, easy mounting of the power supply cable, high electrical insulation, efficient electrical contact (also at high temperatures) and minimum envelope. Different typologies are available.

220Vac, also available from 12 Vac to 440 Vac, single phase or delta / wye configurations

Band heaters are normally manufactured with a specify power around 3.5 W/cm² to maximum 5 W/cm². To chose correctly the specific power as a function of the plastification cylinder diameter, please contact our technical department

To order a band heater please specify:

- Diameter
- Width
- Supply voltage
- Heating power position
- Hole measure and position
- Electric termination
- Power supply cable length (if required)
- One, two or more pieces construction
- Working temperature
- Quantity
- Special characteristics ( download a drawing )

To order a strip heater please specify:

- Length
- Width
- Supply voltage
- Heating power position
- Hole measure and position
- Electric termination
- Power supply cable length (if required)
- Working temperature
- Quantity
- Special characteristics ( download a drawing )


- Special connection box
- European plug ceramic + aluminum.
- European plug silicone + aluminum.
- European plug all silicone.
- Temperature resistant cables cooper or nickel.
- Temperature sensors fasteners.

Photos / Models:
Not available yet.

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