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-Tubular Heaters
- Description
- Applications
- Construction details
- Clamping method
- Terminations
- Voltage
- Wattage density
- Ordering guide
- Photos / Models


The sheathed element is an almost universal solution to heat solids, liquids and gas using the Joule effect up to 800 °C. It can be used as a component of immersion heaters for fluid heating. Inserted in a reamed hole o fixed to a component, it transfers its energy by conduction or radiation. The sheathed elements can also be embedded in aluminum, brass or cast-iron. Placed in the air, it can be used to heat premises or gas, as well as fixed or moving part by radiators. Is the only solution to ensure the electric insulation at high temperature in reduced spaces.

Tubular heaters can be formed into virtually any shape, brazed or welded to any metal surface, and cast into metals. Common uses may be grouped as:

* Liquid heating:
- Water and water bases solutions
- Fuel Oil, thermal fluids
* Air heating:
- Air cracking to obtain Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Argon, etc.
- Comfort heating / air conditioning.
* Radiation:
- Thermoforming.
- Defrost.
- Glue activation, paint drying.
*Another useful applications:
- Injection molding machines.
- Packaging machines.
- Press plates.
- Laboratory equipment.
- Household appliances's

Construction details:
Flexible segmented ceramics allow for easy installation on barrel. Stainless steel sheath. Ceramic segments brick worked so that heater remains as one unit. Heater can be made with holes and slots.
Clamping method:
Strap ends are standard, bar clamping and optional spring bolt clamping is available, and per request worth ears.
Post terminals, opposite gap unless otherwise specified; terminal strip in box, leads with strain relief, european plug in box.
380 Vac 3 phase or dual voltage and 220 Vac are mainly most used, but there are lot of variations, please consult factory technical department with your special request.
Wattage density (W/cm²): Usually up to 6,2 W/cm², please note that the process need to absorb all the heat produced in order to assure longer life heating
Ordering guide:
For better customer service, the following information will be neccesary when placing an order

- Inside diameter
- Width
- Total Watts
- Volts
- 1 piece or 2 piece construction
- Cuts or holes
- Normal or punched stainless steel outside cover
- Type of termination
- Shipping instructions
- Quantity you wish to order
- Special features and drawing ( download drawing )

Photos / Models:
Not available yet.

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